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Dollar-a-Day Program

Have you donated yet?  The temple needs your support.


The Trimurti temple is a vital part of our community. It is taking shape to enrich our lives, both, spiritually and culturally. The vision and hope for Trimurti temple is that it should be built by devotees, many coming together as one.

Why Dollar-a-Day?

The idea of the temple’s Dollar-a-Day program is simple. You commit to a small donation of $1/ day ($30/month) to provide funding for the temple’s operations. This pledge of $1/day by one individual, multiplied many times over, will result in a pool that will help offset the maintenance and daily operations cost.

Please consider supporting the temple with your contribution.  What better way to leave a legacy for our future generations? Together, we can make a difference!


Click on Dollar-a-Day Enrollment tab.

Please send an email contact@trimurtitemple.org  if you have any questions.

Trimurti Temple Construction Completion & Prathistapana (Grand Opening)

Trimurti Temple Devasthanam is glad to announce the completion of the core structure of the main temple. Currently efforts are under way to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy (CO).
While the work with securing the CO is in progress, we have scheduled the Prathistapana of the temple idols for June 25, the very last available auspicious date in 2017 when such a ceremony can be conducted – the next such date does not occur before February of 2018.
To get the CO certain requirements imposed by the City need to be met. Though doable in the short time left, financial constraints loom and seem insurmountable. Approximately $200,000 is needed immediately. We are hoping that the Charlotte community would rise to the occasion and make the mountain look like a mole hill! Can the temple count on your help? Would you consider donating, however small, to achieve our collective objective? Please make your contribution today. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. You may also donate securities (stocks, bonds etc). Email contact@trimurtitemple.org for details.
Prathistapana Event Program
There are several sponsorship options available for you to partake in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Prathistapana Sponsorship Link