About Us

Trimurti Temple Devasthanam is a registered Charitable Foundation with tax-exempt status. The Foundation’s mission is to build a temple in traditional Indian architectural style according to the Agama Sasthras. 

In the initial phase of the temple, fourteen sanathis with traditional Mandabams will be built as a place of worship for Balaji, Brahma, Siva, Durga, Hanuman, Padmavathi, Parvathi, Rama, Seetha, Lakshmana, Lakshmi Hayagreva, Sarasvathi, Ganapathi, Bala Ganapathi, Bala Murugan and Navagrahas.

Three different Sthapathis have studied the building of the temple with Brahma and the design conforms to the Sasthras. Land provisions have been made in the temple project plan to subsequently build sanathis for Lord Guruvayurappan and Lord Ayyapan.

The Foundation owns 17.5 acres of beautiful land located at 6441 Beatties Ford Road, Charlotte, NC 28208